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We Deliver Results, Not Just Reports

Capture & Proposal Support


We assist in identifying business opportunities and shape them in an strategic way to lower your B&P costs while increasing your win potential. This service includes identifying and qualifying high-value market opportunities, creating effective organizational/team capability profiles, and implementing winning proposal strategies designed to increase your likelihood of capturing new business.


Marketing Planning



We assist to convert possibility into awareness and understanding into results. Our consulting process brings a unique approach to addressing our clients’ goals, a combination of thinking, implementation, and agility that yields one powerful, consistent outcome: Potential Realized.

Business Development


We research, discover, design and develop best practices for competing and winning in competitive markets.  We will help you close the gaps preventing sales and growth

Mergers & Acquisitions


We assist in assessing the strategic fit of a business by evaluating potential synergies, project-managing the steps, assisting in negotiations and financial models, and in measuring transaction implications. We work with you to achieve your strategic objectives across: Acquisitions,

Disposals, Management buy outs, Buy-ins, fundraising, Takeovers, Mergers and Strategic reviews

Ascent Management Services is an established  management consulting firm that helps businesses grow their revenues through expansion, targeted marketing, acquisitions, strategic reorganization, partnerships,  best practice methods, risk management,  product development, roll-out,  brand management  and performance improvement.


We provide management and consulting services to a variety of businesses in the United States. What sets us apart from other management and consulting companies is we are not interested in just telling you what to do or how to address weaknesses and issues.  We actually help you with your needs and objectives.  We understand what it is like being in a situation where implementation, change, recovery management, assistance or just an outside perspective is needed.  We don’t hide behind business terms that require an MBA to fully grasp.


 Our approach is simple: we mold our services to what best fits for the client being served, we don’t try to make the client change to a specific model or textbook solution.  Many businesses run, and are successful, operating outside traditional business models and that is the core we want to work with.  Whether it is a start-up company, company reorganization or just assistance with regulatory or complex issues; whatever the situation, Ascent Management will provide you with the services needed to assist in your needs and goals.

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